Zingiber spectabile (Beehive Ginger) Plant
[50mm pot]

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Zingiber spectabile, or Beehive Ginger, is a rhizomatous, herbaceous perennial that produces golden coloured, beehive shaped bracts from which small purple and white flowers emerge during the warmer months of the year.

The bracts remain for some time after the flowers have finished, turning reddish brown as they dry out. They are prized for cut flowers throughout their life-cycle.

The mid green, lance shaped leaves unfurl from tall, stiff stems that rise out of the underground rhizome in spring forming an attractive fountain shape. The leaves are glossy on top and downy underneath and release a ginger fragrance when crushed.

In Indonesia, the plant has been used in traditional medicine to treat inflammation of the eyes. It is prepared for use by pounding the leaves of the plant into a thick paste, and then topically applying it to the required part of the body. It has also been recorded being used to treat burns, as a treatment for headaches and back pain, and as an agent for food preservation.

Beehive Gingers like plenty of moisture, especially during the hotter months, and prefer a semi shaded rainforest border setting or shrubbery. In cooler climates, the plant becomes dormant during the colder months or during periods of drought.

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Zingiber spectabile (Beehive Ginger) Plant
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