Trichocereus werdermaniannus 'Tupiza' - BULK 100 Seed
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A regional form of pollination of werdermaniannus TUPIZA. An area seed collection from Peruvian breeder Chavin Herbalists.

Collected from Tupiza, Bolívia. Tupiza, town, southwest Bolivia. It lies in a region of the Andes Mountains at an elevation of 2,990m about 210 km west of Tarija.

Trichocereus werdermannianus typus location is in the Charcoma Valley, east of Tupiza but also present around Potosi. iT is a columnar Trichocereus species from Bolivia, and is said to be a close relative of Trichocereus terscheckii.

Photo Courtesy of Chavin Herbalists

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Syn: Echinopsis
Trichocereus werdermaniannus 'Tupiza' - BULK 100 Seed
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