Trichocereus validus x Trich. pach. 'L.E.R' Large Plant
[75mm pot/bare]

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A hybrid cross pollination of validus and pach. L.E.R. An American seed cross from Misplant, grown here at the SAB Nursery. Our validus x L.E.R’s are a mixture of seed grown plants and pups from these hybrids.

Validus is typically a very large plant both in height and girth, this columnar cactus is closely related to Trichocereus terscheckii. It is widely considered a form, variety, or subspecies of terscheckii however DNA testing is needed to determine which. There are very little spines around the upper half of the body, what makes it look like a nearly spineless version of T. terscheckii. Older specimens have a higher rib count then new growth. The origin of T. validus is not known but it is likely Bolivia. In Bolivia, there are various Andean Trichocereus species from the T. terscheckii complex that this species could have come from.

L.E.R originates from the now defunct Legendary Ethnobotanic Resources, an American Ethnobotanical supplier. L.E.R is somewhere in between a peruvianus and a pach. It is said to have longer spines than a typical pach, therefore at times causing it to be classified as a peruvianus. However, it more strongly resembles the Spiny Trichocereus pachs so pach is the more commonly accepted species name.

A hybrid is formed when crossing two genetically different species with each other. Most hybrids are manmade however some are natural.

With cross pollination the mother plant is the first name, and the father plant is the second. The mother is the plant whose flower was pollinated, and the fruit ripens on, and the father is the pollen donor. When the crossing plants, in most cases, the resulting offspring comes closer to the mother than to the father. However, there are a lot of exceptions to this and sometimes, the genes of the father are simply more dominant.

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Syn: Echinopsis

Cactus Size Approx. 35 to 45cm

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Trichocereus validus x Trich. pach. 'L.E.R' Large Plant
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