Trichocereus peruvianus 'TA 01' x Trich. peruvianus 'Old Teds' Seed Packet
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A peruvianus cross pollination of TA 01 and OLD TEDS. A seed cross from Australian breeder Rodni Kisar.

TA 01 is Rodni Kisar’s first named clone. The name is the initials of his nursery Trichocereus Australia. TA 01 is the first of many new clones Rodni has bred and named after Trichocereus Australia.

Rodni has explained the background of TA 01 as “While going through an old message I realized that I messed up the initial name for this clone. The name that I had on this plant originally was T. peruvianus ‘Shamans Garden’ which I thought was right till I received a 'Shamans Garden’ clone from a forum member that was quite different. Upon further investigation I realized that this clone was grown from seed collected from a shaman’s garden in Peru, hence why I had that name on it. I’ve decided to name it T. peruvianus 'TA 01’.”

Currently researching origins of peruvianus OLD TEDS.

With cross pollination the mother plant is the first name, and the father plant is the second. The mother is the plant whose flower was pollenated, and the fruit ripens on, and the father is the pollen donor. When the crossing plants, in most cases, the resulting offspring comes closer to the mother than to the father. However, there are a lot of exceptions to this and sometimes, the genes of the father are simply more dominant.

Every seed packet is hand counted, not weighed, and is guaranteed to contain at least the number of seeds specified, however human error can occur and please don’t hesitate to contact us if there are any discrepancies. These seeds are fresh, either SAB nursery grown or purchased from a reputable trusted breeder.

Syn: Echinopsis
Trichocereus peruvianus 'TA 01' x Trich. peruvianus 'Old Teds' Seed Packet
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