Trichocereus pach. 'Pomachanka' Seed Packet
[25 Seeds]

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A regional form of pollination of pach. POMACHANKA. A seed cross from Peruvian breeder Chavin Herbalist.

Pomachanka is native to the village of Huari in Anchash. It is a cultivated mother plant with distinct characteristics with short spines and a unique, wide rib structure.

Every seed packet is hand counted, not weighed, and is guaranteed to contain at least the number of seeds specified, however human error can occur and please don’t hesitate to contact us if there are any discrepancies. These seeds are a few years old therefore the number per packet has been adjusted to account for the germination rate we received.

Syn: Echinopsis
Trichocereus pach. 'Pomachanka' Seed Packet
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