Trichocereus pach. 'Olivia' x Trich. scopulicola 37cm Cutting
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A hybrid cross pollination of OLIVIA and a scopulicola. A seed cross from Misplant USA. A seed cross obtained and grown here at the SAB Nursery, our OLIVIA x Scops cuttings are a selection of plants that show little to no mutation. They are strong, disease resistant plants, with strong pach. traits, a very attractive cactus.

OLIVIA is a pach. known for producing mutants when crossed.

Scopulicola is a columnar cactus from Bolivia. They typically grow columnar, pupping from the base and rarely side shooting. This fat species can grow up to 4m in height and over 10cm in diameter with a dark green epidermis and very small spines if any at all. Scop’s easily forms hybrids with another Bolivian species, such as T. bridgesii but crosses can be made across the Trichocereus genera. Scopulicola’s makes ideal grafting stock as they accept grafts very easily. The species was discovered and described by Friedrich Ritter. Its status is currently unknown, but it may be extinct in nature.

A hybrid is formed when crossing two genetically different species with each other. Most hybrids are manmade however some are natural.

With cross pollination the mother plant is the first name, and the father plant is the second. The mother is the plant whose flower was pollinated, and the fruit ripens on, and the father is the pollen donor. When the crossing plants, in most cases, the resulting offspring comes closer to the mother than to the father. However, there are a lot of exceptions to this and sometimes, the genes of the father are simply more dominant.

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Syn: Echinopsis

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Trichocereus pach. 'Olivia' x Trich. scopulicola 37cm Cutting
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