Trichocereus cuzcoensis 'KK340' 40cm Cutting
[Unrooted Cutting]

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A Karel Knize collected strain. This KK340 clone is a textbook example of a cuzcoensis, noting the white spines, the swollen brown colour spine bases and golden tipped spines. Cuzcoensis and Peruvianus are genetically close sharing their green to blue body colours.

Please note pricing is determined by the girth, length and condition of the plant / cutting

Syn: Echinopsis

Note: Orders containing cuttings may not be shipped the Tuesday following payment received as per usual procedure. This is due to the cactus being cut to order and dry weather is required to ensure rot does not occur.

IMPORTANT: Your cutting needs to be calloused before it is ready for planting. Keep the cutting dry for a week or two until the cut end has formed a callus, you can use a little sulphur on the end to help with drying and to protect it from rot, but it isn't a necessity. Once calloused you can plant your cutting. The process works any time of year, but cactus cuttings potted in late summer to early autumn root the fastest. Fill an adequately sized pot with specialty cactus soil or mix your own from scratch with extra grit added, coarse sand, perlite, scoria, or pumice gives the soil the appropriate drainage and aeration. Plant the calloused cutting in the prepared potting mix and top dress to prevent soil loss. Once potted, keep dry, do not water! Most cactus cuttings root in four to six weeks.
Trichocereus cuzcoensis 'KK340' 40cm Cutting
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