The Spice and Herb Bible

By Ian Hemphill

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Cooks use spices and herbs not only to enhance food flavours, but also to create new taste combinations and sensations. From bay leaves to lemongrass to vanilla beans, it is virtually impossible to imagine a well-stocked kitchen without herbs and spices.

This newly expanded and revised edition is a fascinating and authoritative reference guide. Ian Hemphill describes a wide range of global herbs and spices used in todays kitchen, either alone or in wonderful blends. The art of combining herbs and spices is demystified, and cooks are introduced to a world of flavours previously found only at internationally inspired restaurants. With enticing recipes and handy advice on use and storage, this book is truly an essential resource for any well-equipped kitchen.

* More than 100 spices and herbs, listed alphabetically
*Detailed colour photos of every herb and spice
*Storage and use details for each herb and spice
*Over 35 spice blends, from Barbecue Spices to Zaatar
*More then 100 recipes inspired by spices and herbs
The Spice and Herb Bible
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