Rivea (Turbina) spp.



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Rivea (Turbina) spp.

Important legal information for all customers:

1) The importation of Rivea corymbosa seeds into Australia is prohibited under the Customs Act 1901, Regulations, Schedule 4 (Drugs). The seeds offered by Shaman Australis Botanicals are grown in Australia.
2) The export of Rivea corymbosa plant parts (including seeds) is specifically prohibited under Schedule 8 (export regulations) of the Customs Act.
3) Possession of LSA containing material such as Rivea corymbosa seeds may (or may not) be illegal under the Standard for the uniform scheduling of drugs and poisons (Australia), Schedule 9 (the same schedule as Heroin!!!!!), but treated seeds are excluded under Appendix A, and are thus legal to trade and possess. Our seeds are treated with either food grade sulphur dust or UV sterilisation procedure. These treatments have no effect on viability or alkaloid profile and are non-toxic (food grade).
4) Consumption of any LSA containing material is prohibited under state legislation in all Australian states.

Botanical information

A perennial vine, it grows to a length of 10m. The stem is slender, woody, branching and twining; the leaves are glossy green and heartshaped; the flowers are white, trumpet shaped and 4cm across; the fruit are soft woody capsules containing one seed.

A native of Mexico, it prefers rich, moist, well drained soils in a protected, sunny position, and is drought and frost tender.

Propagation is by seed or cuttings. Sow seed directly in the ground or into punnets, 10-20mm deep in fine, sandy soil. Keep moist but not wet. Seedlings will emerge within a few days and can be transplanted at any time. Some seeds may take up to several weeks to germinate. Susceptible to fungal problems caused by humidity and overwatering. Needs lots of rootspace and trellis space.

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