Piper betle (Betel Leaf) Plant
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The leaves of this species are commonly chewed with the nut of Areca catechu, known as the Betel Nut Palm. Generally the the betel-quid is a small morsel consisting of a crushed quarter betel seed, a pinch of lime, spices like cardamom or nutmeg for flavour, all wrapped in a betel leaf.

Piper betle is an evergreen vine that climbs to a height of 3m. The stem is slender, twining and rounded with oval-acuminate, green and smooth leaves. The flowers are green, occurring in spikes and the fruit are fleshy, red berries.

A native of India, it prefers well-composted, moist, well-drained soils in a protected, semi shady position, and is drought and frost tender.

In Ayurveda, it is used as a remedy for stomach ailments and infections. Malaysians use the leaves for headaches, arthritis and joint pain. In Thailand and China the roots are crushed and blended with salt to relieve toothaches. It can be eaten raw, generally used to wrap other foods, or you can make a tea with seven mature leaves in two cups of water, simmered until only one cup of water remains.

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Piper betle (Betel Leaf) Plant
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