Piper auritum (Hoja Santa) Plant
[75mm pot]

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An evergreen shrub that grows to a height of 5m with a spread of 2m. The stem is erect and branching with large, heart shaped, furry green and acuminate leaves. The flowers are whitish, occurring in short, axillary spikes and the fruit are numerous small drupes.

A native of South America it prefers rich, moist, well-composted soils in a protected, partially shaded position, and it is drought and frost tender. This is a very vigorous plant which has proven weedy in tropical climates like Hawaii.

The leaves have a strong aroma of sassafras and are used in mexican cuisine for their flavour. The essential oil made from the leaves is very high in safrole, while the essential oil from the roots contains a complex mixture of obscure and unique allylbenzenes.

Common names: Mexican Pepperleaf; Rootbeer Plant; Earred Pepper; Sacred Pepper; False Kava.

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Piper auritum (Hoja Santa) Plant
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