Pereskiopsis diguetii (Alfilerillo) Plant / Unrooted Cuttings (10 pieces)
[10 cuttings (10-20cm)]

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Plants will be sent as a rootless cuttings. Very vigorous cactus grafting stock. Best for micrografts. This item is a bulk buy of x10 fast rooting cuttings, simply fill an adequate sized pot with specialty cactus soil or mix your own from scratch with extra grit added, course sand, perlite, scoria, or pumice gives the soil the appropriate drainage and aeration. Plant the callused cutting in the prepared potting mix and top dress to prevent soil loss. Once potted keep dry, most cactus cuttings root in four to six weeks.

Due to Pereskiopsis's having delicate leaves, there will be some leaves lost during transit but due to the vigorous nature of this plant they will grow back fast.

Common name: Cola De Diablo; Nopaleta; Patilon.

Syn: Pereskiopsis spathulata.

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Pereskiopsis diguetii (Alfilerillo) Plant / Unrooted Cuttings (10 pieces)
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