Mucuna pruriens v. utilis (Velvet Bean) Plant
[50mm Pot]

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Mucuna pruriens, widely known as Velvet Bean, is a vigorous annual climbing legume originally from southern China and eastern India, where it was at one time widely cultivated as a green vegetable crop.

A hardy plant that will grow in most conditions, however a climbing frame or tree if required.

Mucuna pruriens seeds are well established in herbalism, traditionally used for the management of male infertility, nervous disorders, and as an aphrodisiac. In traditional Ayurveda medicine the seeds have been used to treat Parkinson's disease, due to appearing to have anti-parkinson and neuroprotective effects, which may be related to its antioxidant activity. The seeds have also been used for treating mood disorders, and sexual dysfunction.
Mucuna pruriens v. utilis (Velvet Bean) Plant
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