Distimake tuberosus (Large Woodrose) Seed Packet
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Vigorous and large tropical vine with bright yellow flowers that is native to Asia and naturalized and cultivated in Hawaii. A perennial vine with leaves divided into five to seven narrow lobes. The flowers are yellow, followed by a smooth round capsule, surrounded by five petal-like sepals.

The seed of the large woodrose must be nicked well before it will grow. Cut a nick in the seedcoat with a hacksaw, or cut the small end of the seed off. Soak for 24 hours or until it swells. Then place the seed in a bowl or cup of damp peat moss, cover it with plastic wrap, and put it over the pilot light of your stove, or anywhere that maintains a temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit or more. Ordinary bottom heat usually isn't warm enough. Check every few days until it sprouts in 3 to 10 days. Once sprouted, plant in a 3- to 4 inch pot if grown indoors, or start seed in May if to be grown outdoors. Place the pot in a large sunny window and give the vine something to twine around. I have seen these vines grow 1 foot or more per week. It is very easy to grow after sprouting. It can take little or much watering and much abuse. The vine will flower the second and subsequent years.

Common name: Spanish Arborvine; Yellow Morning-Glory; Regretvine.

Syn: Merremia tuberosa; Ipomoea tuberosa; Operculina tuberosa.
Distimake tuberosus (Large Woodrose) Seed Packet
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