Mansoa alliacea (Ajos Sacha; Garlic Vine) leaves 250g
[250g Bag]

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A South American herb that was traditionally used for its anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, antibacterial, antifungal and cholesterol lowering properties. Also said to aid with cold and flu symptoms.

However, its medicinal properties are barely known outside its motherland, where it is playing significant role in traditional healing and modern herbalism. Ajos Sacha is also one of plants that is used in spiritual rituals of Amazonian tribes. It is often taken before Ayahuasca ritual - to cleanse the blood and body, bring both physical and mental well being, to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck. For this purpose it is often burned in houses.

Common name.
Amazonian Garlic Plant; Garlic Creeper; False Garlic; Wild Garlic; Ajo Sacha; Amethyst Vine.

Cydista aequinoctialis; Adenocalymma alliaceum; Adenocalymma pachypu; Adenocalymma sagotii; Bignonia alliacea; Pachyptera alliacea; Pseudocalymma alliaceum; Pseudocalymma pachypus; Pseudocalymma sagotti.
Mansoa alliacea (Ajos Sacha; Garlic Vine) leaves 250g
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