Mammillaria bocasana (Pincushion Cactus) Plant
[Bare Rooted]

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This cultivar grows as singular large round, fluffy mounds, with pale cream flowers.

Mammillaria is one of the largest genera in the cactaceae family with around 200 known species. Mammillarias are known for their ring or "crown" of flowers that appear in spring and summer.

This genus prefers full to part sun, and a well draining mix. Don't over water, cactus prefer dry periods between watering.

Common Names.
Pincushion, Powderpuff cactus, Fishhooks, Snowball cactus

You will receive a bare-rooted single button, 5+cm in diameter.

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Mammillaria bocasana (Pincushion Cactus) Plant
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