Luffa aegyptiaca (Sponge Gourd) Seed Packet
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An annual vine native to South Asia and Southeast Asia, it is grown for it's fruit which is commonly used to make the scrubbing bath sponges known as Luffa's / Loofah's. Unlike the young fruit, the fully ripened fruit is strongly fibrous and inedible, it is cut into pieces and bleached to form a Luffa.

The approx 30cm long fruit resembles a cucumber in shape and size. Owing to its striking yellow flowers this plant is occasionally grown as an ornamental. It is best grown with a trellis support and it requires lots of heat and lots of water to thrive.

To Make Your Own Loofah; Leave to dry on the vine, the fruit will turn brown and the skin can be peeled off and seeds shaken out to leave you with the familiar skeleton of fibres commonly known as luffa or loofah.

Common Name: Egyptian Cucumber; Vietnamese Luffa.

Syn: Cucurbita luffa; Luffa cylindrica; Luffa aegyptica; Luffa pentandra; Momordica cylindrica; Momordica luffa
Luffa aegyptiaca (Sponge Gourd) Seed Packet
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