Leonurus sibiricus (Marihuanilla) Seed Packet
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A tall annual herb/shrub that grows to a height of 1.5m with a spread of 1m. The stem is erect, with upward branches and the leaves are dull green, 10cm long, round and 3 to 7 lobed. The flowers are pink, short tubular, sessile and arranged in terminal spikes.

A native of South Africa, marihuanilla prefers light to medium, well draining soils in an open, sunny position. It is drought resistant, but frost tender.

Seed should be sown into very well draining seeding mix and watered sparingly throughout the seedling development. Plants are heavy feeders and will grow very quickly in the right conditions. Very hardy.

In chinese medicine the whole plant is utilised for the relief of menstrual pain and excessive menstrual bleeding. Similarly, in Mexico a tea is made of the leaves and is used to initiate menstruation.

Leonurus sibiricus also has been used as a smoking herb. The herb and flowers are dried and either used as a smoking herb or extracted to make a resin which can be smoked. The effects are often said to be somewhat comparable to mild cannabis smoke.
Leonurus sibiricus (Marihuanilla) Seed Packet
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