Leonotis nepetifolia (Lion's Ear) Seed Packet
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An annual plant that grows to a height of 2.5m with a spread of 1m. The stems are erect and sparsely branching and the leaves are green, oval-acuminate and opposite. The flowers are orange and tubular, with expanding lips, and occur in dense ball-like whorls on the stems.

A native of tropical Africa, it prefers moist, well drained, fertile soils in a protected, sunny position. It is drought and frost tender.

The dried leaves of Klip Dagga contain leonurine, which it said to have a calming, mildly euphoric effects. Traditionally Klip Dagga is smoked or used to brew tea.

Common name: Christmas Candlestick; Wild Dagga; Klip Dagga.

Syn: Leonotis nepetaefolia.
Leonotis nepetifolia (Lion's Ear) Seed Packet
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