Justicia pectoralis Organic (Piri Piri) Herb 15g
[15g Bag]

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Justicia has been used in folk medicine as a relaxant and general tonic, additionally, it is also often used in Ayahuasca.

This medicinal plant has traditionally been used by women in South American countries to treat symptoms associated with PMS and menopause. It is thought to affect the activity of hormones.

Also thought to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, it has been used for wound healing and lung ailments. The latter being ironic, as it is also stated to be an ingredient of “hallucinogenic” snuff.

The leaves, roots, flowers, and bark of this plant have been used traditionally in the treatments of cough, colds, asthma.

Common name.
Masha-Hari; Tilo; Chapantye; Chamba; Freshcut; Criollo Tea; Curia; Death-Angel.
Justicia pectoralis Organic (Piri Piri) Herb 15g
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