Ilex guayusa Organic (Guayusa) Tea 200g
[200g Bag]

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Guayusa tea is energising, smooth and rich, with a hint of natural sweetness. This Ecuadorian Amazon tea is a natural boost of caffeine and antioxidants, providing balance and sustainable energy without bitterness, jitters or the crash of coffee.

This Amazonian plant is rich in antioxidants and caffeine that may promote weight loss, blood sugar regulation, and improved mood and alertness. Its tea is safe to drink and serves as an excellent alternative to coffee

With more antioxidants than Green Tea, Guayusa may assist with reducing inflammation, stimulating the immune system and fighting off disease. The properties in Guayusa are believed to aid digestion, prevent bloating, stomach upset and constipation.

Guayusa contains 15 Amino Acids, the most notable is L-Theanine, which has the ability to calm the mind, while increasing energy and awareness.

Guayusa is rich in minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, zinc, chromium and calcium. These minerals work to maintain proper fluid balance and strengthen your bones. It is also rich in Vitamins D and C, which are involved in many body functions such as promoting healthy bones, supporting the immune system and repairing body tissues.

USDA Certified. Amazonian Traditional Guayusa Tea.
Ilex guayusa Organic (Guayusa) Tea 200g
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