Dodonaea viscosa ssp. angustifolia (Hopbush) Plant
[50mm Pot]

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An Australian native erect to spreading shrub growing to 1-5m. This species prefers well-drained soils and requires a well-lit area. It can tolerate part shade but the capsules / flowers will not be as spectacular in colour if shaded. This species can tolerate dry conditions and can also handle some frosts. Little maintenance is necessary. However, regular tip pruning will promote growth and branching. This extremely hardy species can be used as a hedge due to the dense habit.

Early pioneers used the fruit of several Dodonaea species as a substitute for hops for brewing beer and was traditionally used by Aboriginal Australians to treat toothache, cuts and stingray stings.

Common name: Narrow Leaf Hopbush; Sticky Hop Bush: Soapwood; Switchsorrel.

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Dodonaea viscosa ssp. angustifolia (Hopbush) Plant
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