Cinchona officinalis (Fever Bark) Bark Powder 60g
[60g Bag]

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Mostly known for its anti-malarial and anti-fever properties and known for its quinine sources.

The bark of trees in this genus is the source of a variety of alkaloids, the most familiar of which is quinine, an antipyretic (antifever) agent especially useful in treating malaria. Cinchona alkaloids include: cinchonine, cinchonidine, quinine, quinidine, dihydroquinidine and dihydroquinine.

They find use in organic chemistry as organocatalysts in asymmetric synthesis.

Common name: Quina; Quinine; Red Chinchona; Peruvian Bark; Jesuit's Bark; Kinakina; China Bark; Fever Tree; Quina-Quina; Calisaya Bark.

Syn: Quinaquina officinalis; Quinaquina lancifolia; Quinaquina coccinea.
Cinchona officinalis (Fever Bark) Bark Powder 60g
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