Capsicum chinense 'Carolina Reaper' (Chilli) Plant
[50mm pot]

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Carolina Reaper is one of the hottest chillies in the world, a small pod, ranging from 5 to 8 cm, with bumpy skin and a tell-tale scorpion-like tail. Plants are a larger growing chilli, reaching around 1.2-1.5 m tall.

Despite it's extreme heat, this super hot pepper is surprisingly fruity and sweet, that is just before the burning starts! Due to their extreme heat, it is not recommended eating raw and is more suited to making extremely hot sauces or as a dried spice. Wearing gloves when handling these chilli’s or its seeds is recommended; you will feel the burn otherwise.

Prefers rich, moist, free draining soil in full sun.

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Capsicum chinense 'Carolina Reaper' (Chilli) Plant
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