Alicia anisopetala (Black Ayahuasca) Plant [NO EXPORT]
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The genus Alicia is part of the Malpighiaceae family, the same family as the legendary Banisteriopsis caapi and is said to contain natural beta-carboline harmala alkaloids like those found in caapi vine. These alkaloids are natural MAO inhibitors.

Native to Peru, this plant flourishes in a rich and moist soil located in an area that is partly shade and partly sunlit. Being a vine it will prefer to climb over something like a fence or a trellis. Alicia's are more cold tolerant that B. caapi, making this vine a better choice for southern non-tropical states. We find this vine to be relatively vigorous and easy to care for.

Common name: Black Ayahuasca; Black Yage; Black Caapi: Black Vine; Ayahuasca Thunder; Ayahuasca Trueno.

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Alicia anisopetala (Black Ayahuasca) Plant [NO EXPORT]
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