Alchornea castaneifolia (Iporuru) Extract 20:1 Granules 10g
[10g Bottle]

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A medicinal plant used by cultures throughout the Amazon rainforest, including the Shipibo Indians of Peru. Iporuru is widely used as an herbal remedy throughout the Amazon. Iporuru has been traditionally used orally for the following conditions, it may assist with rheumatism, dysmenorrhea, dysentery, hemorrhoids, gonorrhea, leprosy, jaundice, malaria, stimulating digestion, ringworm, urethritis, toothache, chancre, bronchitis, conjunctivitis, aphrodisiac and emetic. It may alos relieve the symptoms of coughs and thrush.

Traditionally it has been used in the treatment of lowering blood sugar levels in individuals with diabetes, impotence, headache, diarrhea, snakebite, chills.

It can be applied topically to the skin. It may relieve the symptoms of colds, arthritis, rheumatism, muscle pain and for stingray wounds.

Avoid In Lactation and Pregnancy. There is no valid and authentic information about the safety of Iporuru powder.
Alchornea castaneifolia (Iporuru) Extract 20:1 Granules 10g
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