Acorus gramineus (Japanese Sweet Flag) Plant
[50mm pot]

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Acorus gramineus is a perennial plant that grows to a height of 0.3m with a spread of 0.3m. It has erect flowering stems with narrow and erect leaves forming dense clumps. The green flower spathe is inconspicuous.

Native to Japan, Korea, and eastern Asia. This plant prefers a protected position, with only filtered sunlight, growing in wetlands and shallow water. It is frost resistant, but drought tender. Propagation is by division in autumn or spring. Acorus gramineus need to be kept moist to wet at all times.

Acorus gramineus has traditionally been used in China as a popular luckcharm, elixier, hallucinogen and medicine. Also to treat epilepsy, stroke, asthma, insomnia and chronic bronchitis by removing phlegm.

Acorus gramineus has been found to be a pleasantly suitable substitute for Acorus calamus with a more agreeable flavour and better stimulant effect.

Common names: Japanese Rush; Grassy-Leaved Sweet Flag; Dwarf Sweet Flag; Grass-leaved Sweet Rush.

S. Voolgelbreinder, 2009.

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Acorus gramineus (Japanese Sweet Flag) Plant
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