Acorus americanus (American Sweet Flag) Plant
[75mm pot]

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An emergent wetland plant native to the northern United States and Canada. This perennial plant has bright green blade-shaped leaves that arise directly from the rhizomes and sheath into each other at the base. It is a flowering plant with inconspicuous flowers that are arranged on a lateral spadix (a thickened, fleshy axis) and the fertilized flowers produce berries with a jelly inside.

The foliage has a citrus-like spicy aromatic quality, and can be used to flavour beer.

American Sweetflag prefers moist to wet soils in full sun or bright shade. It is a vigorous spreader in wet soils and works well for retaining soil at the edge of a stream or pond. Tolerates periods of dry, but its appearance may suffer in long droughts.

Acorus americanus was formerly classified as Acorus calamus var. americanus. It differs only in being a fertile diploid, whereas most of the A. calamus of Europe and Asia is a sterile triploid species, that only spreads asexually. Diploid plants in northern Asia may be representatives of A. americanus. Also as a diploid it does not produce beta-asarone.


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Acorus americanus (American Sweet Flag) Plant
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