Acmella oleracea (Toothache Plant) Seed Packet
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Syn: Spilanthes acmella; Spilanthes oleracea.

A small, erect plant that grows quickly and bears gold and red inflorescence's. It is frost-sensitive annual plant but perennial in warmer climates. Surface sow seeds in Spring/Summer, for best conditions create a greenhouse using a zip lock bag.

It is a pretty ornamental that self seeds readily. The leaves and flowers contain spilanthol which causes an intense numbing of the gums and hence eases many toothaches. The effect amazes anyone who tries it. An extract made from this plant is considered a natural alternative to Botox. Applied topically, it reportedly reduces muscle tension, reducing facial wrinkles caused by tense or contracted facial muscles.

Common name: Eyeball Plant; Para Cress; Electric Daisy; Peek-a-Boo Plant.
Acmella oleracea (Toothache Plant) Seed Packet
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