Acacia courtii (Three Brother Wattle) Plant
[50mm pot]

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A rare wattle native to the mid north coast of Australia. It is a tall shrub or weeping tree growing to 7-20m in height. The bark is smooth and grey when young and later becomes black and furrowed. Small branches are a maroon brown colour. The leaves are dull green and narrow, up to 18 cm long, and have a small gland on the leaf edge just above the stem.

From late spring to mid-summer spikes of pale yellow globular flowers are produced followed by straight or curved, narrow woody pods up to 18 cm long.

This wattle usually grows on steep, dry, rocky slopes and in mixed dry forest on shallow soils, often under a canopy of White Mahogany and Grey Gum.


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Acacia courtii (Three Brother Wattle) Plant
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