Acacia confusa (Formosa Wattle) 150 Seeds
[150 seeds]

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Rich in tryptamine alkaloids this tropical medium sized perennial tree is native to South-East Asia. It grows to a height of 15m and has become very common in many tropical Pacific areas including Hawaii. Can tolerate dry conditions once established.

Very high in antioxidants, and is used as a liver tonic in traditional Chinese medicine. The root bark can also be used as a natural red/ yellow dye.

Seeds require scarification for germination.

Common names: Acacia Petit Feuille; Small Philippine Acacia; Formosa Acacia; Formosan Koa; Taiwan acacia.

Every seed packet is hand counted and is guaranteed to contain at least the number of seeds specified, however human error can occur and please don’t hesitate to contact us if there are any discrepancies.
To the best of our knowledge these seeds are viable to the standard percentage for it's species, either SAB nursery grown or purchased from a reputable trusted breeder. However, if you disagree, please do not hesitate to contact us for up to date germination rates or for a germination test to be conducted.
Acacia confusa (Formosa Wattle) 150 Seeds
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