Absinthe concentrate "la Fee"

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A delicious blend of essential oils needed to make authentic Absinthe. Includes wormwood, fennel, hyssop and about a dozen other oils.

Traditional recipes call for about 2ml of essential oil per 375ml bottle of 70% absinthe. If you can find 70% alcohol Vodka then make sure you use this. If not, then a bottle 30-40% alcohol Vodka will suffice, however please keep in mind that authentic absinthe is 70% in order to keep the oils dissolved. The most you can hope for with 30-40% Vodka is to have the oils suspended as very fine droplets. 'Absinthe' that is 40% alcohol and does not have oil droplets obviously does not have enough oil content and hence is not the real thing.

Using 40% Vodka is no problem, just shake it vigorously just before pouring. The traditional method with 70% used to be to add water once it was poured into the glass. So in the glass as it is being drunk it is only 35% anyway and the oils are expected to not stay in solution.

The oil blend can also be used to flavour chocolate, as aromatic oil in oil burners, or to fortify commercial absinthe.
Absinthe concentrate "la Fee"
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