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How To Order
Note: Regardless of payment method, ALWAYS complete the order process to completion or your order may get lost.

1. Choose your desired products by using the "Web-Store" shopping cart

(simply click on items that have an 'add to cart' button).
2. (a) submit shopping cart form and complete online payment, [or]
(b) submit shopping cart form and transfer payment (bank)
3. * We cannot accept postal money orders.
* We cannot guarantee the safe arrival of cash (it is against customs law to send currency in the mail).
* If you do not have a credit card, then please use Bank transfer or Bank draft (add AU$20 to any draft for fees.).

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Payment info for Credit Card, Paypal, & Direct Deposit
If you are a Paypal member and want to pay by Paypal or by credit card....
pay to: purebotanic.info@gmail.com
Maximum payment for overseas buyers US$200
(or up to US1000 by arrangement)
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Alternative credit card option Maximum payment accepted by us = AU$200.
(Or up to AU$1000 by arrangement)
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Direct Deposit (within Australia)
(unlimited amounts)
Bank: ANZ
Name: Shaman Australis Botanicals
BSB: 012554
Acc: 349505087
Your payment must be identified by your order number.
International Bank Transfer
(unlimited amounts)
Bank: ANZ (Australia and New Zealand Banking Co)
Branch Address: Byron Bay, 2481 Australia
Name: Shaman Australis Botanicals
Address: P.O.Box 177, Alstonville, NSW 2477, Australia
Branch Number: 012528
Account Number: 333362632
Swift code:
You must add AU$20 to the transfer amount for local bank charges.
You MUST e-mail us the name on your order, the date of the order and the date of the payment.
Terms of Trade       These T.O.T. are the basis for the contract between you (the customer) and Shaman Australis Botanicals. They are non-negotiable.
Even if you don't want to read the full terms of trade, please note the following special conditions in the Section A table below, as they are the main cause of misunderstandings when dealing with us and you may incur extra charges!!

Section A

1 Minimum order amount - There is no mimimum order, however the handling charge of $3 AUD stays the same regardless of order size, so it is more economical to order at least a few items at once.
2 No plants posted overseas unless specifically indicated. Some seeds are illegal to export (eg Papaver, Argyreia, Ipomoea, Lophophora)- this is noted on each species page.
3 We do not charge separately for packaging - these costs are included in the price of postage.
4 We are not an express service. We process payments once a week and ship orders a few days after that. Your order will indicate 'Pending' at time of ordering and will be updated to "Payment Processed" after your payment is confirmed in our approx once weekly processing sweep. The order status will not be updated at time of shipping. Sometimes you may have your order in a matter of a 1 week, at other times it might take 4 weeks [mail to US and Europe can take up to 3 weeks transit time]
State your full name &address, or order number (as well as date of posting if payment was by mail) when making enquiries.
5 Insurance available for US$ 2 per article, plus US$ 2 per US$ 150 value of parcel (ie, minimum US$ 4).
6 SAB is a low profit service to the ethnobotany community. Please do not waste our time by chasing up orders or payments unneccessarily. If orders are unreasonably late or if there is a problem you will receive our full attention. However, any early requests for confirmation and "have you got my payment yet?" will be ignored if unreasonably early. Any unneccessary enquiries in under 4 weeks will incur a charge.
State your full name, address and date of posting the payment when making enquiries.
7 Have faith and trust in Australia Post and SAB. SAB is not designed for quick service, but we pride ourselves in our reliability and trustworthiness. We happily refund any order that we did not ship in the specified times as long as it hasn't shipped yet.
Keep in mind that patience is a virtue easily learnt when living with plants.

Section B

1 Payments: All orders must be prepaid. Non-cash payments are deemed as received once funds are cleared.
2 Postage: Postage is generally estimated automatically by the webstore software. Customer must complete webstore checkout procedure to have postage added to the total. Postage estimate is generally correct. Large orders may not have postage added at check out because it gets increasingly difficult for the webstore to estimate the postage as the weight and item count increases.
3 No plants mailed outside Australia unlesss the particular item specifies otherwise and separate shipping arrangements have been made.
4 Despatch: Risk for goods passes to purchaser upon delivery to post office or freight depot in all cases! Accuracy of shipping address as provided during webstore check out is the purchaser's responsibility. The shipping address provided in the webstore check out is the only address we ship to [make sure it is up to date before submitting your order]. The webstore can store several shipping addresses. Insurance can be arranged at cost to the purchaser, however no guarantees are given. For overseas and interstate orders the purchaser takes full responsibility for any quarantine, customs or other legal matter arising from the purchased goods.
5 No correspondence will be entered into unless your provide full name (as stated on order) and if you have completed your order then you should state the order number. Unless there is a problem with your order please do not contact us. Customer Service is expensive and we have to pass this cost on in increased prices. Your order will be processed a few days after the payment has cleared and will show in your account as "processed". It may well show "pending" for a few days after your order, but that has no bearing on the overall delivery time as we process and mail out in weekly batches. In almost all cases the item will be shipped within a couple of days of processing (plants the following monday/tuesday). We endeavour to have all orders delivered within 3 weeks of order being placed. Some plant orders may require an extra week. A rare 2-3% of orders encounter stock or other problems and these will be sent as early as we can. No amount of email can expedite your order - quite the contrary as orders removed from the packing room for the purpose of correspondence are often delayed even further. If you do not have your order 3 weeks after it was placed please contact us with an URGENT message and we will give the matter immediate attention. Time wasters will be charged for unneccessary enquiries.
6 Disclaimer: The purchaser by ordering from Shaman Australis Botanicals accepts all terms set out in the disclaimer and accepts full responsibility for any matters arising from the purchased goods or the information provided on the Shaman Australis Botanicals website.
7 Warranty: While we make every effort to provide the best seeds, plants and herbal products, we do not give any expressed or implied warranty in any regards other than the proper identification of seeds and plants (within recognised tolerances) and then only to the limit of the purchase price.
8 Prices: All prices are in Australian Dollars and include GST (tax) where applicable. Payment is only acceptable in the currencies listed in the ordering instructions for the particular region or country.
9 The cost of special documentation is additional to the purchase price.
10 The above terms are deemed to have been accepted by the purchaser when an order is placed.


1 All products are deemed to be non-consumable and toxic unless specifically labelled ON THE CONTAINER for consumption. Even species in the food section may contain parts that are toxic. Consumption or any other use and application is at all times the buyer's responsibility.
2 We do not recommend or authorise any uses of our seeds, plants and products except for that of propagation and authorised scientific study, or for the purpose specifically stated on the container label.
3 We accept no liability for mis-use and/or prohibited use of our products.
4 Unless labelled as a therapeutic good, none of our non-food products are intended for human or animal consumption or application as this may result in harmful effects and even death.
5 The customer accepts all responsibilities for any matter arising directly or indirectly from any purchased product after despatch.
6 Keep all products out of reach of children
7 Information provided on this website is for scientific and historical interest and should never be used for any adminstration, consumption or any other method. The description of adminstration or ingestion on any part of our website is for educational purposes only and does not imply that this is safe or legal to do.
8 Some of our products can cause severe psychological and physical changes if they are intentionally or accidentally ingested or otherwise entered into the body. Regardless of whether the item was labelled for ingestion or not, the purchaser takes full responsibility for any matters arising from such effects, including [but not limited to] car accidents, machinery acccidents, other accidents, legal problems, and health problems.