SAB Nursery Wandjina Gardens
174 Main Arm Rd
Mullumbimby NSW 2482

Please note that only plants are available from this location. No seeds, no books, no herbs, etc

We are now online and by appointment only!
[note, we run on NSW time]
There will be "open weekends" in the future. Please join the Shaman Australis Botanicals Facebook Group to stay up to date.

How to find Wandjina Gardens

We are not well known locally and are not listed in the phone book. The only way to find us is to use these directions. The directions below are also detailed in the map to the right.

To find your way to Mullumbimby, you can zoom out using the map to the right of this page.

From Mullumbimby Post Office head north (past the police station) along Dalley St for one block, turn left into Tincogan St, cross over Federation Bridge, and take the first left. You are now on Main Arm Rd (the beginning of Main Arm Rd is only a few hundred meters out of town, so don't go too far).

Once on Main Arm Rd you go exactly 1.8km. This takes you to number 180 (on right hand side). Alongside number 180 is an unnamed gravel lane. It is a private road and easy to miss. Stick to the posted speed limit!

You will need to go another 1km to the end of this gravel lane. Towards the end the road has a slight left kink and then goes past small yellow house on the right. Some 30m past the small house you turn half right (ie, keep one driveway to your left, and the other one to your right).

This is the entrance to Wandjina Gardens. Make your way up the hill. The access road to the entrance is suitable for all vehicles, but the last 100m up the hill are pretty rough. Very low modern cars may scrape and may struggle with traction. If you are relatively fit you can walk up the last bit.

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You can zoom out on the map above to find your way to Mullumbimby.