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Salvia Superba Bioassay Report

Salvia superba

by unknown author

This plant has been "calling out" to me for a while now. So... .2 gram was prepared for pyrolytic assay and consumed at 10:16 p.m
10:19 fluidity becomes apparent. Unlike S.d. Like S.s. and S.c. space seems no longer empty.
10:24 rug starts to melt. High and clear
10:27 music sounds far away
10:29 empty space full of energy. Two dimensional pattern becomes three dimensional
10:40 colors seem "softer" and "richer". Time slows down.
10:48 synaethesia: music is felt. Drift away on thoughts. Fall into music.
10:56 cat looks totally psychedelic
11:08 nicer and nicer
11:15 cannabis: not felt. Salvia becomes stronger.
11:18 plant tells me its name is "sue" compassion/euphoria. Want to jump for joy. Solarized. Beam of light radiates from heart.
No further notes taken.