Shaman Australis Botanicals

                  C11H14N2O      [485-35-8]      MW 190.25

The quinolizidine alkaloid Cytisine occurrs in the seeds of Laburnum anagyroides (Laburnum), Anagyris spp, Baptisia spp, Cytisus spp, genista spp, Sophora spp and Thermopsis spp. It is a respiratory stimualnt, with a nicotnie like activity and is hallucinogenic. Highly toxic. The LD50 intraperitoneally in mice is 18mg/kg body weight. Poisoning occurrs often, especially in children and animals after ingesting plant parts, especially the attractive seeds of some of the leguminosae. Cytisine is teratogenic in rabbits and poultry and acts as a feeding deterrent to snails.

Disclaimer: All seed is sold for botanical preservation purposes only. All parts of this plant can be toxic and should not be ingested.