Uplift - Terpene Blend - 50ml
[50ml Bottle]

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May assist with focus, alertness, mood and motivation. A 100% pure terpene blend of alpha-Pinene, beta-Pinene and D-Limonene.

All My Terpenes products are prepared in Australia from imported ingredients and are made from 100% pure botanically sourced terpenes. Each product contains undiluted terpenes only and is not blended with any carrier oils.

alpha-Pinene - Found in many coniferous plants, alpha Pinene may increase focus and improve memory due to its acetylcholinesterase inhibitory action.

beta-Pinene - May assist in elevating mood and motivation due to its interaction with multiple receptors in the monominergic system.

D-Limonene - Is responsible for the fresh citrus aroma of lemons and oranges among many other plants and herbs. It may assist with depression, anxiety and motivation.

Suggested serving size: 15 drops (0.75ml) Uplift blend can also be vaped!
Uplift - Terpene Blend - 50ml
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