Syzygium cumini (Java Plum) Plant (NO EXPORT)
[75mm pot]

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This tropical to sub-tropical tree is native to India, Ceylon and Burma and can grow up to 30m in height. It can be frost sensitive in early years but once established it is a hardy plant that suits most conditions. It makes an effective windbreak and can survive flooding and drought.

This plant will only fruit in tropical areas but it none the less make an attractive tree with dense foliage that is highly esteemed by Buddhist monks and is often planted next to Hindu temples. The fruit are small dark red / purple and ovaloid. They are sweet to astringent flavoured with white to purple pulp.

Common name: Jambolan Plum; Jamun; Black Plum; Indian Blackberry; Portuguese Plum; Malabar Plum; Purple Plum; Jamboon; Damson Plum.

Syn: Syzygium jambolanum; Eugenia jambolana; Eugenia cumini

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Syzygium cumini (Java Plum) Plant (NO EXPORT)
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