Ilex paraguariensis (Yerba Mate) Plant
[75mm pot]

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This plant prefers rich, moist soil conditions. It grows in sub-tropical areas where the average rainfall is extremely high and temperatures range from 15- 29 Celsius. This tree can grow up to 20m in height and is commonly pruned to 4-8m for manageable harvesting.

It has graceful, full-leafed branches, and white flowers that produce small red, black, or yellow berries. It is yerba mate's tough, leathery leaves that are used medicinally and as a natural, refreshing tea beverage throughout South America.

Due to the presence of three xanthines in the leaves; caffeine, theobromine and theophylline this plant is use as a stimulating, caffeine based drink.

Common name: Yerba Mate; Erva Mate; Paraguay Tea; Evergreen Tree.

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Ilex paraguariensis (Yerba Mate) Plant
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