Erythrina vespertilio* (Bat's Wing Coral Tree) Seed Packet
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Native to the north and north-east Australia, Erythrina vespertilio is a deciduous small, yet spectacular tree growing to 6-10m in height, with thorns on the trunk and branches. The bark is creamy-grey, deeply furrowed and corky.

Flowering period is August to September, it has scarlet to orange-red pea flowers and leaves that resemble bat wings.

The species will grow in a wide range of soils as long as drainage is good and it has plenty of sun.

The wood was traditionally used by Aboriginal Australian to make shields, woomeras and coolamons for either ceremonial or warfare use.

Generally no seed treatment is required but light scarification may assist germination.

Common name: Grey Corkwood; Brake-Block Pine.
Erythrina vespertilio* (Bat's Wing Coral Tree) Seed Packet
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