Desmanthus virgatus (Wild Tantan) Seed Packet
[50 Seeds]

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It is native to the American tropics and subtropics. It is a woody perennial herb or shrub growing up to 1.5- 3m in height. Its herbage dies back to the woody taproot during dry conditions and sprouts up again when adequate moisture is available.

Prostrate bundleflower is palatable to livestock and non-toxic, and it contains ample protein. It is one of the legumes most tolerant to grazing and withstands regular cutting. It also helps to control soil erosion, provides green manure and adds Nitrogen to the soil.

It is drought tolerant and very persistent in low rainfall environments. Also features heavy seed production even under grazing and can thicken through seedling recruitment.

Seeds benefit from scarification for germination.

Common name: Prostrate Bundleflower; Hedge Lucerne; Dwarf Koa; Desmanto; Acacia courant; Acacia savane: Pompon Blank; Adormidera; Brusca Prieta; Frijolillo; Ground Tamarind; Petit Mimosa; Virgate Mimosa; Slender Mimosa.
Desmanthus virgatus (Wild Tantan) Seed Packet
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