Desmanthus illinoensis (Illinois Bundleflower) Seed Packet
[40 Seeds]

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A small perennial shrub that grows to 1m in height with a 0.8m span and produces pretty white/greenish ball shaped flowers in Summer and fern like compound leaves.. It is a drought tolerant shrub which prefers a sunny position and adapts to most soil conditions. This Desmanthus dies back to a hardy rootstock in winter and reshoots again in spring.

Contains tryptamine alkaloids. Root bark of D. illinoensis has been found to contain N,N-DMT, NMT, N-hydroxy-N-methyltryptamine, 2-hydroxy-N-methyltryptamine, and gramine (toxic). The root bark is mixed with a native source of beta-Carbolines to produce a hallucinogenic drink called prairiehuasca, which is an analog of the shamanic brew ayahuasca.

Seeds need scarification to germinate. Cover the seeds with very hot water and let soak overnight or until they swell. Pick out those that did not swell and repeat process with them. Sow swollen seeds immediately in seeding mix, covering with two to three times their thickness. Do not overwater or allow to dry out and provide good drainage and bright light. Seeds should germinate within a few days with pretreatment. Do not overwater and keep humidity low or fungal problems are likely occur.

Common Name: Prairie Mimosa; Prickleweed.

Desmanthus illinoensis (Illinois Bundleflower) Seed Packet
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