Citrus medica var. sarcodactylis (Buddha's Hand Citron) Plant
[75mm pot]

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A thorny shrub to small tree, this evergreen plant prefers full sun to light shade but is intolerant to high heats and requires well draining soil. This plant bears highly fragrant fruit that is segmented into finger-like sections, and is used predominantly in China and Japan for perfuming rooms and clothing.

In Western cooking, the fruit is often used for its zest, and because the inner white pith is not bitter as is usually the case with citrus, the fingers can be longitudinally sliced, peeled, and used in salads or scattered over cooked foods such as fish, pith and all.

Finally, the fruit may be given as a religious offering in Buddhist temples, where, according to tradition, Buddha prefers the "fingers" of the fruit to be in a position where they resemble a closed rather than open hand, as closed hands symbolize to Buddha the act of prayer.

Common name: Fingered Citron; Bushukan.


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Citrus medica var. sarcodactylis (Buddha's Hand Citron) Plant
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