Anemopsis californica (Yerba Mansa, Lizard Tail) Plant
[75mm pot]

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Native to southwestern North America. It has a range of traditional medical applications, including use as an antimicrobial, an antibacterial and to treat vaginal candidiasis.

Some specific traditional uses include:
- the treatment of inflammation of the mucous membranes, swollen gums and sore throat.
- a root infusion is used as a diuretic to treat rheumatic diseases like gout by ridding the body of excess uric acid, which causes painful inflammation of the joints.
- prevention of uric acid crystal buildup in the kidneys which could causes kidney stones if left untreated.
- powdered dried root can be sprinkled on infected areas to alleviate athlete's foot or diaper rash.
- leaves are used to make a poultice to relieve muscle swelling and inflammation.

Also, dried leaves and flowers emit a spicy fragrance and are used in potpourri. Also known as Bear Root.


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Anemopsis californica (Yerba Mansa, Lizard Tail) Plant
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