Acacia burkittii* (Fine Leaf Jam) Seed Packet
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Rich in tryptamine alkaloids Acacia burkittii grows as an erect or spreading small shrub growing up to 1-4m in height

Endemic to Western Australia, South Australia and western New South Wales, where it is found in arid zones.

Previously this species was referred to as Acacia acuminata subsp. burkittii, but is now considered to be a separate species. Grows in mallee, eucalypt and mulga woodland or shrubland, often on sandhills.

Acacia acuminata is tolerant of drought and frosts and is moderately salt tolerant. They produce bright yellow flowers 0.5–1.5 cm long.

Seeds require scarification for germination.

Common name: Burkitt's Wattle; Gunderbluey; Pin Bush; Sandhill Wattle.
Acacia burkittii* (Fine Leaf Jam) Seed Packet
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